Gods Lake Haven Opens

by Admin on July 6th, 2013

Sunset 4Here we are, a group of excited guys and we have just landed on our airstrip, much drier than we anticipated, but a close inspection of the main lodge and buildings unveiled the daunting task ahead of us.  Roofs, floors, generators, water works, septic, boats, motors, and more;  those were the areas we knew needed TLC, however the almost daily surprises were not always pleasant, however it was May 22nd, and  our first clients are arriving June 5th; we set to work. 

The lake was almost entirely covered in ice but within days it had opened up and we were launching our new 18 foot Lund Outfitter boats with the very quiet 40 HP Yamaha motors.  Everyone agreed, the boats were very comfortable, quiet,  and very stable, and we soon found there were fish everywhere.  Shannon and I finely took time out one evening to fish; we cast simultaneously and immediately both hooked up on large, scrappy pike.

As the King Air arrived with our first guests on June 5th, the paint had just dried on the buildings but all was forgotten as the walleye fishing lived up to it’s reputation with most clients catching 50 to 100 a day, all within 10 minutes of the lodge.  Interesting for the next 30 days we met boats from Elk Island lodge boating nearly an hour to fish at our doorstep.Sunset from lodge