World Class Fishing TROPHY Fishing AT Gods Lake Haven - Manitoba, Canada


1. How long is the flight from Winnipeg to the lodge and what kind of aircraft?  The flight is about one and a half  hours and is with a twin jet prop charter aircraft, usually a King Air or a Beech 99.

2.  What kind of weather can I expect and what clothing should I bring?  The weather can vary greatly from cool and windy to hot and calm; typically the winds are moderate to light, temperatures in the high 60’s to low 80’s.  While it does not rain that often it is a good idea to bring  rain gear or other waterproof clothing – they provide a good windbreak as well; bring warm clothing  and some light weight clothes, including shorts; always a good idea to layer yourself.

3. What is the best time to come fishing? Depending on which species you most desire, Walleye fishing is the best from the first of June till around the 10th of July, when they start to scatter in the lake as the water warms (the river fishing for walleye remains very good throughout the summer), Northern Pike is good during the same period as the walleye, but as the underwater aquatic growth, known as “cabbage” establishes in late July, the fishing for pike ramps up and is  great well into the fall.  Lake Trout fishing is best up to the middle of July, when they are in shallower water, and then in the late summer/fall  when they return to the shallows to spawn, however they can be caught steadily throughout the summer, just in deeper water. Brook Trout are very catchable all summer, with exceptional fishing in late summer/early fall when they gather prior to spawning.

4. Is the accommodation good enough to bring my wife?  The sleeping lodge is like new, with very spacious rooms, each with a bathroom and shower, electric heat (electricity available all night), very good accommodation that all women whom have come have stayed here are  very satisfied with.

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The setting of Gods Lake Haven is unique, situated at a former Hudson's Bay Company trading post, on a sheltered, scenic bay on Gods Lake. The Archives of Manitoba have records of the Hudson Bay Company's journal posts, correspondence books and accounting records dating from 1825 which give a glimpse of the day to day lives of those who settled almost 200 years ago.

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