World Class Fishing TROPHY Fishing AT Gods Lake Haven - Manitoba, Canada

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Located in central Canada, in north eastern Manitoba, deep in the wilderness of the boreal forest, you will find  Gods Lake Haven. The lodge is located 365 air miles north east of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This lodge is fly in only, it is surrounded by lakes and rivers, an abundance of wetlands and trees and the rocks of the Canadian Shield. Spruce, pine, poplar and birch are everywhere, as well as more wildflowers than you would think.

While out on the lake experiencing this remote area of the Canadian wilderness, you may come across black bears, moose, beavers, muskrats, bald eagles and their nests, and the ever playful otters. We have a family of red fox that live nearby, and the parents had both red and silver fox pups this past year.

Gods Lake features hundreds of islands, bays and reefs, loaded with fish. The water in Gods Lake is clear and cold, fed by over 40 inlets around the lake, keeping the water and the oxygen levels fresh. The one and only outlet is the God’s River, where the river eventually will empty into the ocean at Hudson’s Bay.


Airport designation is CJB6

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Elevation 605 feet/184 metres

Runway is 2500 feet/762 metres long and 65 feet wide
Surface is gravel and sand, no winter maintenance

Tie downs available, please make prior arrangements with the lodge.

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The setting of Gods Lake Haven is unique, situated at a former Hudson's Bay Company trading post, on a sheltered, scenic bay on Gods Lake. The Archives of Manitoba have records of the Hudson Bay Company's journal posts, correspondence books and accounting records dating from 1825 which give a glimpse of the day to day lives of those who settled almost 200 years ago.

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