World Class Fishing TROPHY Fishing AT Gods Lake Haven - Manitoba, Canada

Species and Records

Northern Pike



The predator of the north, Northern Pike, if your looking for a battle this one will give you what you’re looking for. You better be prepared, he will put both man and tackle to the test. He is a voracious feeder who will go after almost any lure or bait. He has plenty of power and will give you a battle you will not soon forget. Gods Lake northern pike can range up to 35 lbs.+ and 50 in+. in length He can be found in early spring in shallow bays or around small creeks and inlets. As the water warms, he will feed off the shoreline in the bays, around islands, and deeper weed beds.



Lake Trout


The most sought after trophy for some, this giant of the deep can test man and tackle to the limit. Gods Lake is filled with deep holes, sharp drop offs and countless hidden reefs that form ideal habitat to produce world class lake trout. Trolling as produced trophy laker’s in June and early July. After the first week in July through August, deep Jigging can produce lunker laker’s from the deep. September is premium time laker’s as they come up to shallower depths, this time of year they can be caught trolling or casting around sunken reefs. Average laker’s at Gods Lake Range in size from 5-25lbs (23″-40″). With many each year caught in the 30+ and 40+ pound class range.



species_walleye (1)
Walleye continues to be a favorite among fishermen, on the end of your line or in the frying pan they’re hard to beat. Walleye tend to gather in large schools and in specific locations. You can catch walleyes in large numbers and trophy size. They fight with good stamina and will give you plenty of action. Early June right after the ice has melted is when the fun begins. Walleye caught in such numbers you’ll lose count. Early walleyes can be found at shallow depths in good numbers then as the water warms they move to deeper depths and feed around structure such as islands and submerged reefs. Both artificial and natural baits work well in enticing walleyes. Each year there are trophy walleye in the 8+ lbs. class caught on Gods Lake. If walleye is high on your list, give Olafson’s Gods Lake Lodge a try, you won’t be disappointed



Brook Trout

Our location on Gods Lake puts you only a 40 minute boat ride from one of the best natural Brook Trout fisheries in the world! God’s river, where some of the finest Brook Trout in North America are caught. Pound for pound, one of the scrappiest fish you’ll ever catch. The Brook trout will also be one of the most beautiful fish you have ever caught. It’s colorful markings, spots, and red fins make it a thing of true beauty. Average size is 3-8 lbs. (17″ – 24″) with the record over 11 lbs.



Gods Lake and God’s River Records

  • Lake Trout 50in’ in length 33in’ girth estimated weight 55-68lbs.
  • Northern Pike 46 Pounds.
  • Walleye 14 1/2 pounds.
  • Brook Trout 11 1/2 pounds caught in 1968 by Manitoba Natural Resources officers using a gill net to conduct a Brook Trout census.
  • Whitefish 21 1/2 pounds.
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The setting of Gods Lake Haven is unique, situated at a former Hudson's Bay Company trading post, on a sheltered, scenic bay on Gods Lake. The Archives of Manitoba have records of the Hudson Bay Company's journal posts, correspondence books and accounting records dating from 1825 which give a glimpse of the day to day lives of those who settled almost 200 years ago.

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