World Class Fishing TROPHY Fishing AT Gods Lake Haven - Manitoba, Canada

What to bring

Here are a few guidelines for the anglers that want to make sure they are bringing the appropriate tackle. If you forget something, don’t worry about it, because we have tackle for sale in our lodge store and can also provide rods and reels if necessary. If you need full set-ups please let us know so that we can have them prepared for your arrival.
Our fishing is all catch-and-release with the exception of shore lunch walleyes. The lures you are using on your line must have pinched or filed down barbs to make it easier to release the fish. Manitoba was the first province to go “barbless”.
  • We recommend 2 rods and reels per person, spinning or casting reels are fine.
  • One reel should be spooled with 6-10 lb line on medium weight rods for Walleye and Brook Trout.
  • One reel should be spooled with 12 – 20 lb line on medium-heavy to heavy rods for Northern Pike and Lake Trout. You should be able to cast at least a 1 oz lure.



  • Jigs – ¼, 3/8 to ½ oz weight, depending on the time of year.
  • Have an assortment of 3 inch plastic tails in yellow, black, chartreuse, and white.
  • Rapalas – have an assortment of shallow to deep diving crankbaits in firetiger, silver/black, or clown. Countdowns and Rattletraps work very well.
  • Have good quality leaders, 6-12 inches, of steel or fluorocarbon.

Lake Trout


  • Have a variety of deep diving crank baits.
  • A variety of spoons. Some of the most popular patterns have proven to be ¾ to 1 oz Half Waves, Little Cleos, and Daredevils.
  • One to 2 oz jigs, buck tail jigs, tube jigs, 5 inch pearl tube jigs work well.
  • Good quality leaders, 6-12 inch steel or fluorocarbon with a good cross lock snap.

Northern Pike


  • A good quality leader is a must. Steel or fluorocarbon with a cross lock snap is recommended.
  • An assortment of sizes and colors of spoons and shallow running crankbaits.
  • Sluggo type baits and jerk baits. Don’t forget a few top water baits as well.
  • #5 and #6 Mepps or Vibrax spinners.
  • Late season pike, around mid-August – Bring on the Muskie baits!!! Baits that are 6 to 9 inches are often irresistible to the huge pike.

Brook Trout


  • Small Blue Fox Vibrax or Mepps type lures, in #2, #3 and #4 size.
  • Small heavy spoons such as Little Cleos in a variety of bright colors.
  • Rapala type lures, either sinking or countdown, sizes #5, #7 or #9.
    Again, the best colors are bright orange or chartreuse.
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The setting of Gods Lake Haven is unique, situated at a former Hudson's Bay Company trading post, on a sheltered, scenic bay on Gods Lake. The Archives of Manitoba have records of the Hudson Bay Company's journal posts, correspondence books and accounting records dating from 1825 which give a glimpse of the day to day lives of those who settled almost 200 years ago.

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